Bumprider Sit

The bumprider sit is now also available with detachable sit. The Bumprider & Bumprider Sit is probably the only stroller board in the world that fits on all strollers and prams due to its superior compability. Unique balanced suspension ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads. Bumprider has been designed and engineered to fit on any stroller or pram using a patented universal connector with almost endless adjustment possibilities.


Bumprider is equipped with quick release linking clips for easy mounting and disconnection from your stroller. No tools are necessary to fit the board. Because we believe the Bumprider is compatible with all strollers and prams, you will not need to purchase another riding board if you change your pram. Bumprider is designed and tested in Sweden.


Bumprider is suitable for children approximately 2 to 5 years of age weighing up to 30 kg. Check with your local retailer to ensure compatibility with your stroller/pram.